Shaking to release stress and tension

spanning in lichaam en geest loslaten schudden

Some small changes in our habits make a big difference in our life. One of the things that makes a big difference to us is shaking. By shaking daily, preferably in the morning, we release tension, stress and built-up emotions in our body. This makes us feel light and grounded. But shaking also helps us to activate our life energy. After just a short shaking session, we feel super energetic and focused!

How does it work, and what are the benefits of shaking? You'll read it here.

Shake to release stress

If you have a Wandering Mind, you are prone to worry, stress and tension. We know how it feels; consciously or unconsciously, we have carried a lot of tension with us. Our overactive brain rarely comes to rest. That is why we have been looking for the best ways to release tension for years. If we don't pay attention, tension builds.

Shaking is a very simple method that we use almost every day. We don't know exactly where it comes from, but we see it in Chi Kung/qigong, yoga and breathwork. Shaking doesn't only feel really good, but it literally helps to release built-up stress and tension in our bodies.

spanning in lichaam loslaten

How can we recognize tension in body and mind?

We all experience tension and stress. And there is not much wrong with stress and tension in itself; this is even healthy. We need tension to perform and to survive in an emergency. But when the tension gets too high, and we expose ourselves to stress for too long, our body can no longer handle it. The tension gets stuck in our body. This also happens with unprocessed emotions.


Our bodies then give us signals to tell us to stop, relax, and to let things go. For example, we feel pain (such as muscle pain, abdominal pain, headache, back or neck pain), irritability or fatigue.

Do you regularly expose yourself to stress, and do you rarely really relax? Then there is a good chance that tension is stored in your body. Shaking daily can be beneficial. Letting go of tension is essential to feeling healthy, energized, focused and happy.

Shaking or trembling: a natural process in our body

But where does it actually come from, the idea that shaking would be good for us?

It has probably happened to you: your body suddenly starts to tremble. For example, we tremble when we are cold, nervous, or relive a traumatic event. Vibrating or shaking is a natural process. It is one of the reflexes of our body. By vibrating, our body loses tension. It helps us to discharge accumulated stress, emotions and sadness. Not only do people vibrate, but you can also see this natural process in animals.

spanning loslaten lichaam geest schudden

Shaking to ground ourselves

Shaking doesn't just help us release built-up tension in body and mind. We can also ground ourselves better in our body if we shake regularly. We can see it as a kind of reset of our body. We shake off the tension, making contact with the ground and our body, so that we feel more grounded.

Shaking to increase energy

Another positive effect of shaking is that our life energy starts flowing again when we shake. This resolves blockages from within. In addition, our blood circulation gets a boost and our nervous system calms down. This process provides a boost in our energy.

Letting go of control

If we're going to shake, we have to let go of the control a bit. This may sound scary, and maybe it feels scary, in the beginning. We often struggle with shame and never let ourselves go completely. We usually prefer to control how we feel and how we act. Shaking can therefore feel quite uncomfortable, especially if we do it together with others. By shaking daily, we will be able to let go of control more and more easily. And that also has a positive effect on other aspects of our lives. We may learn that in other situations, it's okay to let go of control. Even if it's just a little…

Shaking: how does it work?

Shaking is very simple. But if you'd like to see an example, scroll down for several videos.

Place your feet shoulder or hip-width apart and point your toes forward. Before you start shaking, feel that your weight is well distributed on both feet. Do you feel grounded? We love to turn on music with beats. We even made a shake playlist in Spotify called “Wandering Minds – Shake it”.

Pick a song with a tempo that feels right to you in this moment, and start bouncing to the beat. Breathe well and let go of everything. If it feels right, you can make noise. Throw out everything you want to get rid of. Don't just shake from your knees, but also think about your head, your hands, wrists and fingers. Focus on the sensations in your body and allow everything to come through: movements, impulses, sounds…

Relax after shaking

After shaking for a few minutes, it is nice to sit or lie in silence for a few minutes. Just feel. What is happening in your body? Has anything changed? How's your brain doing? Are you still feeling tension somewhere in your body? Lie back and enjoy the sensations.

Best time to shake

We love to start the day with a ‘shaking session'. But always do it before breakfast. During the day, when we feel tense, we sometimes shuffle on one or two songs as well. But before going to sleep, it can also be wonderful to shake everything loose.

Would you like to know more about shaking or shaking under (online) guidance?

On YouTube you will find various videos with which you can shake under guidance. We have selected a few for you. The first video is a short shaking practice with Kim Eng, Eckhart Tolle's partner who you may know from the Power of Now. The last video also gives you the chance to participate.

Final note: do you also like shaking?

We are very curious if you have experience with shaking. Have you been doing this for a while, or maybe you tried it once? What does it do for you? Share it with us below this article!

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