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“Scattered Minds” is an essential read for anyone grappling with ADHD – whether for yourself, as a partner, parent, colleague, or friend. Delve into this book to gain a profound understanding of ADD or ADHD and learn effective ways to cope with it. At Wandering Minds, we view the ADHD brain through a positive lens, and this book will surely transform your perspective too. As you immerse yourself in “Scattered Minds”, the puzzle pieces will fall into place.

Do you see ADHD as an attention deficit disorder or a creative brain? If, like us at Wandering Minds, you choose the latter, then this book is an absolute must-read. Maté, the author, is a doctor with ADHD, and he sheds light on what it’s like to embrace a scattered brain and how you can channel it positively.

✅ A Bestseller among Wandering Minds
✅ Authored by a Doctor & Practitioner who has ADD himself
✅ Offers a Positive Vision and Practical Tips
✅ Also available as an e-book and audiobook


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Must-read book for Wandering Minds

Why read it?

  • Helps you better understand AD(H)D
  • Provides insights into different causes
  • Offers a positive perspective on ADHD; highlights the benefits of a scattered brain
  • The puzzle pieces will fall into place
  • A dose of positivity & understanding

Optimism and Understanding

“Scattered Minds” is written by Gabor Maté, a medical professional and experienced individual. Maté, as his children, has ADD himself. His positive outlook on ADHD brings hope and valuable insights.

Also available as an e-book or audiobook.

Written by a medical professional who has ADD himself

Gabor Maté is not only a medical professional and expert in the field of AD(H)D, but he also has firsthand experience. He has ADD, and so do his children.

Favorite in our community

In our community, we frequently ask, “What is the best book about AD(H)D for you?” and “The Scattered Brain” is consistently the most recommended.

Explore a different perspective and practical tips

This book will change the way you perceive AD(H)D. Alongside offering hopeful perspectives, it provides practical insights to navigate the condition effectively.

Scattered Minds

This ADHD book is a must-read for anyone dealing with ADHD; yourself or as a partner, parent, colleague, and/or friend. By reading “The Scattered Brain,” you will understand ADD or ADHD better and learn to deal with it more effectively. Moreover, you will develop a different, more positive perspective on the ADHD brain, just like we do at Wandering Minds. Undoubtedly, as you read “The Scattered Brain,” the puzzle pieces will fall into place.

Do you see ADHD as an attention deficit disorder or a creative brain? If you choose the latter, just like us at Wandering Minds, this book is a must-read.

In this optimistic book, the author Maté, a doctor with ADHD, shares what it's like to live with a scattered brain and how you can harness it positively.

Gabor Mate ADHD verstrooide brein


Gabor Maté

Scattered Minds is written by Gabor Maté, a Hungarian-Canadian medical professional, speaker, and addiction specialist with a background in family practice and expertise in childhood trauma development. As a bestselling author and renowned speaker, he is highly regarded for his knowledge on a range of subjects, including addiction, stress, ADHD, trauma, and child development. Maté is not only an expert on the ADHD brain but also has ADD himself and is a father to children with ADD. Instead of offering quick fixes for these complex issues, Dr. Maté intertwines scientific research, case studies, and his own insights and experiences to present a comprehensive perspective that enlightens people and empowers them to foster their own healing and that of those around them.


Highly recommended, especially for adults with AD(H)D, particularly those who received their diagnosis later in life. I'm familiar with the English version (“Scattered Minds”) and unsure of the accuracy of the translation. This book provides extensive examples that often resonate deeply with readers, leading to a greater sense of understanding and clarity. It's also enlightening to realize that there isn't just one simple cause (or maybe that's precisely why there is) for AD(H)D.
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Reviews of Scattered Minds

Scattered Minds receives acclaim from adults with ADHD or parents of children with this diagnosis. In the community, we frequently share reactions and reviews of the book. Here are a few responses (translated from our Dutch website):

Today, I received my book, “Scattered Minds.” I started reading at 8 in the morning and am only on page 32 at 10:30 in the evening. My curiosity drives me to read it eagerly, but whenever I come across something that resonates with me, I get lost in my thoughts.

Especially the section on page 26, I don't even need to look to know that it's about tidying up. I can picture it so vividly – how I try to organize one mountain of chaos into smaller piles of chaos, in between browsing photo albums, remembering something I lost and then searching for it, etc., and in the end, it's time to cook, and I feel like I haven't achieved anything. It should be called “The Scattered Brain.” Every time, I get distracted by my thoughts.

Reading that specific part makes me sad and is a confronting moment for me.

I know that's how I am, and usually, I can laugh about it, albeit with a generous dose of sarcasm, which makes it amusing for others. For me, it's just a way to cope.

I didn't expect it to affect me this way. I'm not feeling sorry for myself, but it does strike a chord. Hopefully, I'll be a bit quicker with the upcoming pages 😉

I'm going to sleep now. That way, my scattered mind won't get even more scattered.

Review in the Wandering Minds Community

Gabor Maté, love this man! A SUPER book full of AHA moments…

Review in the Wandering Minds Community

“Scattered Minds.” Someone posted about it here. I had already seen a documentary about Maté that deeply touched me. I immediately ordered the book. Currently on chapter 3. It's very well-written and a feast of recognition. Highly recommended.

Review in the Wandering Minds Community

“Scattered Minds” by Gabor Maté. A must-read for everyone. As a true ADHDer, I've only read the first and last parts so far 😉 but what an inspiring man. I read it in English, but it's also available in Dutch now. Yesterday, I watched the documentary: “Wisdom of Trauma” (by the same doctor). It's free to watch until Sunday, or you can sign up on the website: for the next time it's available online :)) I highly recommend it too!

Review in the Wandering Minds Community

Gabor maté books

Are you, like us, a huge fan of Gabor Maté and his insights? Maté has authored several other books, and his four bestsellers are:

  • The Myth of Normal
  • In the realm of the hungry ghosts
  • Hold on to your kids
  • When the body says no

Learn more about Gabor Maté's books.

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Written by a medical professional & experienced individual
Scientifically supported
Positive perspective
A fresh take on AD(H)D
Also available as an e-book and audiobook


Some individuals mention that it might not be an easy read as it covers complex subject matter.


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