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The ENFP is one of the 16 personality types of the MBTI, the Myers Briggs, based on Carl Jung's personality theory. In this article you will find information about this type, the ENFP and ADHD. Read everything about the personality type, including success factors, talents of the ENFP, challenges and information about work, career, hobbies and relationships. We share the relation between ENFP and ADHD and how you can work with your type, to understand yourself better and to improve your life.

I'm a proud ENFP myself, and diagnosed with ADD, now called ADHD inattentive type. When I read the results of the test for the first time, I had to laugh. The description and the advice that was given, were both hilarious. Read more if you want to know everything about the ENFP and ADHD…

What is the Myers Briggs?

The Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator (MBTI) is a test designed to identify a person's personality type, strengths, and preferences. The questionnaire was developed by Isabel Myers and her mother Katherine Briggs, and based on Carl Jung's personality theory.

ENFP persoonlijkheid kenmerken van de ENFP

What is ENFP personality/type?

The abbreviation ENFP stands for Extraverted, iNtuitive, Feeling, Perceiving.

  • Extroverted : Someone who gets energy from social interaction.
  • Intuitive : Someone who focuses on ideas and concepts rather than facts and details.
  • Feeling : Someone who makes decisions based on feelings and values.
  • Perceiving : Someone who prefers to be spontaneous and flexible, rather than planned and organized.

The ENFP is also referred to as the Champion personality because of the ENFP's enthusiasm to help others and the enthusiasm with which ENFPs realize their dreams.

ENFP summarized

There is a lot of information about the ENFP. We will give you a little summary. Maybe you can already spot some similarities between the ENFP and traits of ADHD.

Keywords of the ENFP are creativity, inspiration, empowerment, eccentricity, drama, whim, spirituality, life and libido. 

Success factors of the ENFP are versatility, sense of humor, tolerance, openness, helpfulness, risk appetite, independence, creativity, spontaneity, enthusiasm, worldly wisdom, sympathy, flexibility, drive, ego, initiative and representativeness.

ENFPs can improve themselves in loyalty, team spirit, self-discipline, normality, commitment, tenacity, thoroughness, involvement with others, sense of responsibility, realism, prudence and pragmatism.

ENFP persoonlijkheid werk banen creatief

Qualities of the ENFP

Like all 16 personality types, the ENFP has qualities, talents and challenges. Let's first focus on the qualities and talents of the ENFP.

The ENFP is curious

Someone with the ENFP personality is generally very curious. ENFP's like to go out and experience things, and don't hesitate to step out of their comfort zone. ENFP's are open-minded, imaginative and see life as one big, mysterious puzzle. This can also apply to children and adults with ADHD.

ENFP nieuwsgierig

The ENFP is attentive

Also, ENFP's are very observant, as they believe that every event or action is relevant. Every change, every sentiment, every move and every idea is part of something bigger. Noticing all these things, and not wanting to miss moments, satisfies the ENFP's curiosity.

ENFP's are energetic and enthusiastic

Like children and adults who are diagnosed with ADHD, people with an ENFP personality are generally energetic and enthusiastic. They observe, make connections and continuously have new ideas. An ENFP is not likely to shut up, as they are very enthusiastic about their findings and share them with anyone who will listen. This enthusiasm is contagious and ensures that the ENFP has many opportunities to make social contacts. These social contacts are a source of new information and experiences for the ENFP, which they can use in their ideas.

ENFP kwaliteiten energie spontaan

People & communication skills

The skills and talents of the ENFP ensure that the ENFP has people skills and can communicate well. The ENFP especially likes meaningful conversations, and is adept at directing conversations toward their desired topics, in a way that feels completely natural and casual.

Someone with an ENFP personality is, like people with ADHD, generally very popular. ENFP's are adaptable and spontaneous. They are approachable, interesting and exciting, have a cooperative and altruistic spirit and are friendly and empathetic. The ENFP gets along with just about anyone, and their circles of friends are wide and varied.

ENFP persoonlijkheid sociaal en vriendelijk

ENFP and work/career

Your personality type, in this case the ENFP, can say a lot about the kind of job that might fit you.

self-employed job is usually advisable for ENFP's, because the ENFP is not always a good team player. But for running an active brainstorming session, ENFP's (besides ENTP's) are the most obvious type. This corresponds best to the creativity of someone with ADHD or ADD. To complete tasks, the types with a J in the abbreviation will have to be called upon. This applies also to people with ADHD; finishing tasks is challenging for us. Many ENFP's and people with ADHD are job hoppers; people who change jobs regularly. The ENFP can quickly become bored in a fixed work environment, and needs to be inspired to experience job satisfaction.

ENFP's (and people with ADHD) thus get their work inspiration from a wide variety of jobs and environments. Perhaps ENFP's are multipotentialites; people who thrive in doing a lot of different things. Do you ever feel like you don't have a ‘true calling', like some people around you seem to have? We can recommend the book how do you become everything for everyone who feels like they don't fit into a ‘career box'. Also, you might like this TED talk by author Emilie Wapnick about multipotentialites.

ENFP: Success or Lack of Self Confidence

Due to the inexhaustible self-confidence, enthusiasm and optimism (positive attitude) of the ENFP, many ENFP's have the potential to become very successful. In contrast, other ENFP's have a lack of self-esteem, which can result into being overly nice to others and demanding attention in a remarkable way.

The ENFP in relationships

Campaigners (another word for the ENFP) have an irresistible charm when it comes to attracting a partner – the warmthexcitement and passion of campaigners is simply alluring.

ENFPs take their relationships very seriously, but also approach them with a childlike enthusiasm and energy. They seek and demand authenticity and depth in their personal relationships, and will go to great lengths to make things work. They are warm, considerate, affirming, nurturing and highly invested in the health of the relationship. With their excellent interpersonal skills, they can inspire and motivate others to be the best they can be. Energetic, enthusiastic and effervescent, the ENFP is generally highly regarded for their genuine warmth and high ideals.

When it comes to relationships, hardly anyone is more excited than the ENFP to share with their partner the plethora of ideas and eye-opening experiences that life has to offer. Relationships are a joyous process for the ENFP, of mutual exploration and imagination. The ENFP sees this as an opportunity to connect with another soul. ENFPs take their relationships seriously and are known for their open-minded and unwavering commitment to the people to whom they have devoted their hearts.

Relationship with ENFP; positive sides

The ENFP has good communication skills, is very perceptive, flexible, motivating and inspiring. When you are in a relationship with an ENFP, you can expect that they want to bring out the best in you. It's nice to have an ENFP around because they are lively, have a sense of humor, are energetic and optimistic. They always strive for win-win situations and are driven to meet the needs of others. The ENFP is generally loyal and committed.

ENFP baan werk creatief

Challenges in a relationship with an ENFP

Like all 16 personality types, there are also qualities that can create challenges in a relationship with the ENFP. For example, the enthusiasm of the ENFP can lead to them being unrealistic. Relationships are important to the ENFP, and they have a habit of constantly asking their partner how they are doing and what they are feeling. This behavior can be a little stifling, but also supports a strong awareness of the health of the relationship.

ENFP's are sometimes a little uninterested in dealing with ‘every day' matters such as cleaning and paying the bills. The ENFP dislikes conflict and finds it difficult to deal with criticism. They might even be conflict avoidant. Some ENFP's pay little attention to their own needs and can become unbalanced as a result. Also, the ENFP can get bored easily. A constant search for the perfect relationship can lead to ENFP's switching relationships often. In contrast, the ENFP finds it difficult to leave a relationship, even when the relationhip is unhealthy.

ENFP and sex

In terms of sexuality, the ENFP is creative, perfectionist, playful, imaginative and affectionate. ENFP's believe that sexual intimacy is a positive, sweet and fun way to express how much you love someone. They therefore wholeheartedly embrace the opportunity to be close to their partner. Deep connection and closeness is what they long for.

What does an ENFP need in a relationship?

The ENFP personality likes certainty, positive assurance and confirmation. Some ENFPs ‘fish for compliments'. They like to hear that they are loved, valued and appreciated, and they return it with enthusiasm. They enjoy lavish love and affection for their partners, and are creative and energetic in their efforts to please. The ENFP takes great personal satisfaction from observing the happiness of others, and is therefore determined to please and serve their partners.

The ENFP personality and ADHD

If you read the above information about the ENFP personality, you may wonder: ‘Is there a similarity between the ENFP personality and ADHD or ADD?'

I myself have been diagnosed with ADD, that's now called ADHD inattentive type. I did the Myers Briggs test twice. ENFP came out in 2010, and again in 2019. The first time, in 2010, I was slightly more extroverted (about 80%) than in 2019 (51%). I did the test on a Dutch website, and the report said the following:

People who show symptoms of ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) are without exception ENFP.
In 2010 I did not have an ADD diagnosis, in 2019 I did.

Similarities between ENFP and ADHD

When you look closely, you can find some similarities between ADHD traits and the ENFP. For example:

  • Concentration problems (mostly when not interested in the subject)
  • Enthusiasm en high energy
  • Being unrealistic sometimes
  • Easily bored
  • Difficulty with finishing tasks and projects
  • Uninterested in dealing with mundane matters such as administration and housekeeping
  • Not paying (enough) attention to their own needs
  • Seeking adrenaline, sensation
  • Finding it hard to commit (to a project, person, etc.)
  • Job hopping
  • Procrastination
  • Restlessness

Do you think you might have ADHD?

There's no evidence of a relation between ENFP and ADHD. Little research has been done, besides a small study on The Relationship of Personality Style and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder in Children. After reading this article, do you think you might have ADHD? Find out how you can manage your symptoms on this website. You can read experiences of other people with ADHD and alternative methods to deal with Attention Deficit Disorder, from a holistic perspective.

Are you diagnosed with ADHD and are you also an ENFP? Please share your thoughts in the comments :)

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