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Since 2019, it is our mission to help you from chaos to calm, inner peace, joy and meaning in life, so you can experience the beauty of life with a unique brain.

How it started

Once upon a time, there was a girl. She was dreamy, easily distracted, creative, wise but stubborn and a little chaotic. Her brain was never quiet, and traveled into all directions. She felt different, and therefore lonely at times.

The things that came naturally to others, cost her a lot of effort. Sitting still, carrying out an assignment ‘as it should be', finishing things, being on time. She continuously kept losing her belongings. “It's a good thing your head is attached to your body, because otherwise…”, her mom kept saying. t felt like she was living in a world that wasn't made for her. But she managed to hide the challenges well. No one realized that she was actually having a very difficult time. Sleepless nights, constant restlessness, intense emotions, and above all: a brain that never shut up.

At the age of 28, she became burnt out and was diagnosed with ADD, or attention deficit disorder. From that moment on she decided to do things differently. During a trip through New Zealand, far away from all expectations, she discovered how awesome it really is, living with an ADD brain. She came to embrace her creativity, enthusiasm and sensitivity. In her self-built camper van, surrounded by other special minds, creatives and adventurers, she discovered more and more who she was and what she needs to be healthy and happy.

Her self-confidence grew, and she thought, “wow, this ADD-brain is amazing. As long as I know how to deal with it, quiet it down sometimes, and learn what I need to be happy and healthy.”

“Everyone should know this!”, she thought.
But her ADD brain needed a different name by now. “Disorder” didn't fit any longer. She called it ‘the Wandering Mind', and started a blog.
This is where it all started…

In short

A place where information, experts and professionals come together

Almost 1000 website visitors daily, with a creative and unique brain

Founded in the Netherlands in 2019, now expanded to 3 languages

Dutch community with 2000+ members who learn, connect and grow together

jose schrijver wandering minds

Dear reader with a beautiful mind,

It's really nice to meet you here!

My name is José Schrijver, born in the Netherlands with a Wandering Mind in '86. It is my mission to help you discover yourself, so you can see that life with a unique, neurodiverse mind is amazing, and that you will feel better and better. I know how it feels, the chaos in our minds and life. But also, I have experienced that it can be better. We are able to create inner peace and meaning in our life.

How? By discovering who we truly are. We share stories, experiences, tools, products and insights – mine and others – that make life with a Wandering Mind more fun and easy. But above all I hope to inspire you to walk your own path, live on your own terms, and continue to grow through self-reflection. This way, you will experience more and more inner peace and love for yourself and for life.

I'm not doing this alone, but together with professionals and together with you ♡

How we support you on your journey

Tips, Stories & Inspiration

Welcome to a sanctuary for Unique Minds! Discover new perspectives, inspiring stories, and expert tips tailored to your brilliance and individuality. Join our vibrant community for empowerment and growth. Embrace your uniqueness with us!

Products for the Mind

We are passionate about products that nurture the mind and foster peace, self-love, and personal development. Our curated collection of products has been carefully tested and approved by like-minded individuals within our community.

Community Care

Discover the power of community – let's grow together! Find a safe space here, where authenticity is celebrated, and you can be yourself. In this nurturing environment, we uplift one another and thrive as a united community.

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Not all those who wander are lost.
But even when we are lost, do not worry.
because we might be lost in the right direction.

Our pillars

Neurodiversity is wonderful, and everyone deserves to be happy. But this is only possible if we let go of expectations and conditionings, discover who we are and what we need, and start living from our own essence, on our own terms. At Wandering Minds we are aiming to be wise, curious and optimistic. Our vision is based on the following principles:

neurodiversity unique brain

We Love our Mind

Unlock the potential of your extraordinary brain – a boundless well of creativity, brilliance, and uniqueness. Embrace diversity, liberate yourself from conditioning and break free from limitations. Embrace your distinct qualities and embark on an enriching journey of self-discovery.

add adhd self knowledge and growth

Self discovery & Growth

Life unfolds as an awe-inspiring expedition, where we dare to tread unexplored paths and open our minds to various perspectives. Through this exploration, we unearth our true selves, fostering inner peace, meaningful connections, and endless personal growth.

holistic approach to add and adhd

Holistic approach

Discover the harmony of existence by integrating mind, body, spirit, and nature. Aligning with our deepest essence and values, we create a synergistic existence with the world around us, embracing balance and unity.

community and self love

Love & Connection

Cherish the foundation of happiness – love and human connection. In our community, like-minds converge, (re)kindling love for oneself and others through shared stories and inspiration. Let us forge heartwarming bonds and inspire each other along the way.

eigenwijs en hooggevoelig

Radiant in Self-Wisdom

At Wandering Minds, we celebrate the uniqueness of your life's journey. Uncover the wisdom concealed within, as we encourage you to embrace your distinct path with pride and live authentically from the heart. Your life, your way!

Discover more and get inspired

Favourites of our founder

LTO3 supplement vervanger

Shakti mat for deep relaxation

This product changed our lives! Discover the incredible effects of the remarkable acupressure mat. Immerse yourself in profound relaxation and experience unparalleled stress relief, bringing a transformative shift to your overall well-being.

gewoontes e-book wandering minds

Scattered Minds by Gabor Maté

Embark on a transformative journey with “Scattered Minds” by Gabor Maté, a book that compassionately explores the complexities of the human (ADD) mind and offers valuable insights for personal growth and self-discovery.

weighted blanket adhd add

Weighted Blanket

Experience the comforting embrace of a weighted blanket designed to address the unique challenges and needs of individuals seeking soothing support. Find calm and improved focus with this specialized blanket tailored for enhanced relaxation and sensory regulation.

What is a
Wandering Mind?

Dreamers, creatives, full of life and versatile. But also sensitive, easily distracted, and with a brain that never shuts up. That is a short summary of the Wandering Mind.

Dreamers, wanderers, adventurers

You may have landed on this website because you have been diagnosed with ADHD or ADD. Or you are highly sensitive. But a Wandering Mind is above all a dreamer, free thinker and an adventurer. Where someone else might follow a linear path, your brain wanders in all directions. This can be a challenge, but also very valuable! Because thanks to your Wandering Mind you dare to dream big and you can live a great, colorful and adventurous life.

Creative, rebellious, open-minded, out-of-the-box thinkers

We may be a little rebellious or even stubborn, but I prefer to call it open-minded, creative and out-of-the-box. Wandering Minds are good at connecting dots, often have a strong vision and are extremely creative. We may be a little different from neurotypicals, but that doesn't make us any less lovable! For example, a healthy dose of rebelliousness or stubbornness can be a huge driver of change. And change often means growth.

Empathetic, intuitive, versatile, full of life

Children and adults with (or without) ADHD, ADD or HSP are extremely enthusiastic, spontaneous, empathetic, intuitive and versatile. These qualities allow us to empathize with others, have beautiful relationships, arouse enthusiasm in ourselves and others, and learn many different things in our lives. Life with a Wandering Mind is never dull; we always bring color, warmth and spontaneity into our own lives and the lives of those around us.

Sensitive, easily overstimulated

Children and adults with (or without) ADHD, ADD or HSP are extremely enthusiastic, spontaneous, empathetic, intuitive and versatile. These qualities allow us to empathize with others, have beautiful relationships, arouse enthusiasm in ourselves and others, and learn many different things in our lives. Life with a Wandering Mind is never dull; we always bring color, warmth and spontaneity into our own lives and the lives of those around us.

Trouble with focus, concentration & relaxation

The most-known ADHD symptom is difficulty concentrating. And yes, as Wandering Minds, we have a hard time keeping our attention on one thing. Also focusing for long periods of time is hard for us, especially when a subject doesn't interest us very much at the time.

But it is also difficult for many Wandering Minds to relax. Our brain goes into all directions and is never really quiet. So even when we're ‘doing nothing', we're working very hard internally. It is therefore extra important for Wandering Minds to learn to get a grip on the mind. The best tool for me was Mindfulness.

Trouble with focus, concentration & relaxation

Because we've been told all our lives that we're weird and different, that we're too much, too busy, and just have to behave, we may feel like we don't matter and don't belong anywhere. It is not uncommon for a Wandering Mind to struggle with self-confidence and connection.

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